To feel loved, you have to feel known. To be known, you have to share yourself. To share yourself, you have to know your story. Only when we know ourselves will we know the gifts and weaknesses we bring to God and other people.

The Enneagram is a powerful diagnostic tool. It creates a road to greater relational intimacy with the people we love. As insightful as the Enneagram is, it is incomplete without two additional elements: your life story and Jesus. In Mapping Your Life Story, you’ll explore how the story you’ve lived has made you into who you are and why Jesus is the key to a better story.

Mapping Your Enneagram Story will walk you through a hands-on visualization mapping process for 3 critical areas:

  • Your Life Story
  • Your Enneagram Story
  • Your Future Story

By overlaying these 3 areas of your life, you will have greater insight into the themes of your life story, the “why” that drives your personality, the specific way Jesus speaks the gospel over you, and how God is inviting you to coauthor your story with him.